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Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet the Author Monday - Kelly Moran

Please welcome, Kelly Moran.

Kelly learned at a young age that she loved to spin a good story, and that she was good at it. She has been known to say she gains ideas from everyone and everything around her, and there is always a book playing out in her head. After all, characters don't shut-up until they're heard. No one bats an eyelash when she talks to herself now.

She began her writing career in the Indie market, having self-published five novels and becoming the recipient of an Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in 1993, inducted into the Who's Who Book of Americans in 2006, a Finalist in the 2008 Best Books Award, and a Finalist in the 2009 Indie Excellence Book Awards before moving into the traditional market.

Nowadays she a respected book reviewer for Bookpleasures, interviews authors on her blog, and is a Romance Writer's of America member. Her children's book was featured in GRAND MAGAZINE, as "Kids Book Author of the Week," and her new romance was a "top reviewer pick" at Night Owl Reviews and LASR.

Kelly’s hobbies include: reading, crafts, movies, cooking, gardening, card games, spending time with loved ones, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet caffeine junkie and chocoholic, but don’t tell anyone. She is also a practicing Catholic and works part-time in the healthcare field.
Why do you write the stories you write?

Typically I write romance for the same reason I read them, happily ever after. I get enough reality in life, I like the idealism of books.

What are your writing goals for this year?

I think it's time I got an agent after 6 books, so that's my goal with my next project.

Do you have any releases scheduled for this year?

Besides the memoir, I have a romantic suspense releasing later this year called The Drake House, and currently I'm working on a contemporary romance called The Dysfunctional Test.

What do you like to read?

Romance, preferably paranormal and contemporary.

What would you like to know from readers?
What do you love in a storyline? What turns you off?

Press Release:
Title: You Never Have to Remember the Truth
Release Date: April 5th, 2012
Genre: Memoir
Format: Trade Hardcover & eBook

About the Book:
It was one of the most sensational murder cases in U.S. history. Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek, a former Playboy waitress and ex-Milwaukee police officer, was arguably railroaded and convicted of murder. When all hope of proving her innocence seemed lost, she planned a daring escape from prison with her boyfriend, and together the lovers slipped into Canada under assumed names. Now, nearly twenty years after the escape, Dominic Gugliatto wants to set the record straight.  The man who laid it all on the line tells a different tale — one of deception and betrayal. For the first time, Gugliatto speaks out about the lies and secrets long buried. That Bembenek knew more about the murder than she professed, and that the prison escape involved co-conspirators, including a retired Milwaukee police officer.  The truth is coming, told by the only man who knows it all.

About the Authors:
Dominic Gugliatto cherishes every moment with his children and grandchildren, knowing how precious life is. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors when not working full time in sales. He resides in Wisconsin.
Kelly Moran is an award-winning author of several romance and children's books. She is also a reviewer for Bookpleasures and a RWA member. She resides in Wisconsin with family.

To Request an Interview or Review Copy:
All interview requests should be directed to Dominic Gugliatto at 262-443-4257.

All review requests should go through Kelly Moran at AuthorKellyMoran@aol.com. EBooks are available for review, and must be posted upon completion to a blog or retail site. Please forward a copy of the review to the author also.

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