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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fool for Love, Alastair, from His Ship, Her Fantasy and His Capture, Her Rescue by Emma Lai

To celebrate the release, I've dedicated April at my blog (excluding Meet the Author Monday) to heroes who are Fools for Love and will be giving away a copy of His Capture, Her Rescue to a commenter at each blog that features a Guardian hero as well as each blog I visit for the release (see Where I'm At for the full list of places). At the end of the month, I will also draw the winner of a $10 gift card to All Romance eBooks from all the people who have left comments on my Fool for Love blog spots as well as those who visit me at any of my guest spots for His Capture, Her Rescue release. So, if you didn't leave a comment to Sandra Sookoo's visit with her hero Quinn Handry from Cairo Nights, click here.

Please welcome, Guardian Shield, Alastair.
I’m sorry, but I’m short on patience and time. Can we bypass the pleasantries?

Sure thing. Do you consider yourself a Fool for Love, or is that just a recent development?
I’m no fool, though I’m tormented by the kidnapping of my mate, Ellie. I’d thought we’d escaped the danger. How could anyone have known she’d be taken on the eve of our Mating Ceremony?

Do you embrace your feelings, or are you fighting them every step of the way?
I embrace my anger and frustration at having to sit by while Donovan and his squad do their job. I’m storing up the emotions for when I get my hands on the sorry s.o.b. who took Ellie.

Describe the object of your desire in six words or less? 
Funny. Sassy. Intelligent. Home.

What happened the first time you saw, Ellie?
The first time I saw Ellie, she was doing her rounds in the bowels of The Paladin. She talked to the ship just as I would, knew it had a soul. I couldn’t resist giving voice to it and my thoughts on her amusing remarks. Those conversations went on for years and were the highlight of each day.

Is she as much a Fool for Love as you? 
She’s no fool either. She’s one of the most intelligent women I know, and independent. I’m betting even after she’s back by my side, she won’t try and stick to me like tree sap or anything. Is that all?

Just one more thing, please provide a bit of your story that showcases your situation best. 
After a few minutes, he said, “I’ve been keeping an eye on you.” She could hear the frown in his voice as he concentrated on a tight spot.

“Have you?” she murmured as he moved on to her left hand. “What have you seen?” She felt as if she were floating on cloud, which made it difficult to
hold a conversation.


The rumble of his voice sent a pleasant pulsating wave through her body. “I’ve seen a beautiful woman, who works too hard and hates feeling alone.” He paused as he switched to her right hand. “It makes me wonder why she chose to become a space engineer.” He trailed off as his hands worked their magic.

“I like the challenge.”

He released her hand. “Roll over.”

She obeyed without comment, no longer wondering why she followed his instructions. Her body felt as if quenched after a long cycle in the desert, and he was the water flowing over her. There was no reason to fight the feeling.

He began to knead her shoulders.

She exhaled as she sank further into her mattress. “Why have you been keeping an eye on me?” Her consciousness was starting to drift away, making it difficult to keep track of the conversation.

Minutes passed by in silence as he continued his massage. She thought she heard, “It’s my ship,” but that could not have been right. Alastair was not the captain. She sighed as the last thought fled and sleep claimed her.

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Their story continues in His Capture, Her Rescue, coming next week from The Wild Rose Press.

Masquerading as an American, Eallair, a Guardian Steward from another world, is searching Victorian England for the kidnapped mate of a fellow Guardian. When he meets Miss Harriet Cartwright, he knows her for the spirited, intelligent mate he has longed to find.
Since the death of their parents, Harriet has used her intelligence and sharp tongue to guard her sister from fortune hunters, but now that Prudence is close to choosing a husband, Harriet can consider her own future--one hopefully filled with adventure. When she meets Eallair, an American rancher who likes to travel and isn't put off by her outspokenness, she is intrigued.
But before Harriet and Eallair can explore their attraction, she and her sister are kidnapped. While Eallair scours the countryside for them, Harriet discovers Eallair's off-world origins. Now she must decide: just how much adventure does she want in her future?

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