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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lucky Seven

The lovely W. Lynn Chantale over at Decadent Decisions tagged me for Lucky Seven. What is Lucky Seven, you may ask? Well, the instructions provide the answer.

1) Go to page 77 of current MS. (Amazingly enough, while I typically write novellas, I am in the process of polishing a full-length for resubmission.)
2) Go to line 7.
3) Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as written.
4) Tag 7 other authors.

I'm tagging seven of my Twitter buddies:
1) Sandra Sookoo
2) Cassandra Carr
3) Jan Romes
4) Kellie Kamryn
5) Lacey Wolfe
6) Olivia Kelly
7) Rachel Brimble

Warning: Graphic words follow. 

The storm grew louder, but the heavy canopy of the tree muffled the noise until it was like the sound of a distant waterfall and held back all, but the most persistent raindrops. She smoothed her palms down the defined ridges of his abs until she found the waistband of his cargo shorts.
He sucked in a sharp breath as she undid the button and slid the zipper down, the rampant length of his cock teasing the...


W. Lynn Chantale said...

Now that's a tease. Granted I can figure out what's going to happen, but... Which book is the excerpt from?

Emma Lai said...

It's from Not His Usual Type. :)