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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Official

Hooked Up Over Spring Break (click on title for Release Party details or scroll down) is out at Amazon and Smashwords. Share a memory from one of your Spring Breaks for a chance to win a copy!

And, I guess I should share a couple of memories with you.

Worst Spring Break was when I was 14. We headed to Galveston and the first day, we rode the ferry across to the peninsula. I went up top to stare out at the water and when it was time to head back down, I paused with my hand on the heavy metal door and thought, "My foot is in the way." However, that didn't stop me from yanking on the door--right over the toe of my canvas shoe. I was SO mad because I hadn't listened to myself. I had a horrible limp over the entire break because I'd damaged my toe. It was impossible to bowl or go on the beach. Then when I got back to school, the stupid nurse wouldn't let me wear flip-flops, the toe got infected and I lost my nail. (It's grown back.)

For best memory, check out http://sandrasookoo.wordpress.com/.

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