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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sarah Grimm, author of Not Without Risk

How are your story ideas born?

One scene will come to me, usually in dialogue, and the rest of the story is built around it. With NOT WITHOUT RISK it was a scene that takes place in Chapter Four, where the hero, Sergeant Justin Harrison, asks the heroine ‘Why would someone want you dead, Paige?’

How many works in progress do you have?

Only one. I can’t write more than one story at a time, and I can’t seem to let go of a story once it has taken hold. I may jot down a few sentences or notes on a future project, but that’s it.

What is your writing process?

I’m supposed to have a process? *grin*

I go in spurts. I wish I could say I was one of those writers who sits at the keyboard every single day and puts words on the page, but I’m not. I get distracted by things like my teenagers, the dirty dishes, talking with friends. Then my characters start yelling at me and I get back to it. I actually work best under deadline, because I can’t get off course.

What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

When the characters (otherwise known as the voices in my head) reveal their hopes and fears to me, allowing me to help them fall in love and achieve their happily-ever-after.

Wow, that makes me sound a little bit nuts, doesn’t it? LOL

What’s your least favorite part of the writing process?

When my characters first begin talking to me. I love the beginning, the rush that comes with the first kernel of an idea.

How long did it take to write your latest release?

I have at least four different, completed versions of NOT WITHOUT RISK. It was the first book I wrote from Chapter One to The End, so it went through quite a lot of revisions and edits before it was ever submitted. So that one is impossible to say how long it took.

My upcoming release, AFTER MIDNIGHT, took about seven weeks to write. Isabeau’s story just flowed out of me! Probably because I had wanted to tell her story for so long-- seven weeks is extremely fast for me!

Do you have a favorite line or scene from your story?

My favorite line comes from Justin’s mother: “To love someone, to have someone return that love is…It’s a risk, certainly, but what is life if not a risk?”

Not Without Risk Blurb:

Six agonizing months after a slug collapsed his lung, Sergeant Justin Harrison manages to return to the one place where he shines—the San Diego homicide division. Nothing will stand in the way of proving he is fit for active duty. Especially not the long-legged brunette who just stumbled into his crime scene.

Photographer Paige Conroy spent years hiding from her past. Then a late night telephone call brings it crashing back. An old friend is in town and needs her help. When she arrives at his hotel room four hours later, he's dead. Suddenly, she's the target of a madman, and Paige must turn to Sergeant Harrison for protection. 

But who is the bigger threat to her... the faceless assailant she fears will steal her life or the dark-eyed detective she knows could steal her heart?

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Emma Lai said...

Thanks for being a guest, Sarah. It may be crazy to have our heroes and heroines talking in our heads, but think how crazy we'd be if we didn't put pen to paper.

Sandra Koehler said...

Don't fear, Sarah. My characters talk to me too...especially at night when I can't sleep. It's part of the creative process. Think of all the people in the world who aren't writers and don't have all this fun!

Alison Chambers

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for stopping in Sandra/Alison!

Sarah Grimm said...


Thanks for having me here today. I can't imagine what it would be like to not write. Definitely would go nuts! :)


Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Sarah and Emma -
<< I'm supposed to have a process?>>> LOL
Those could be my words. Glad to know I'm not alone;)

This sounds like a great read, Sarah. It's on my TBR list.

Thanks for a great post, ladies!

Emma Lai said...

Howdy Jennifer! Thanks for hosting me at your blog today!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Lovely interview. Continued success and mega sales.

Sarah said...

OMG! Is it just me or did I answer favorite and least part of the writing process as if they both read favorite? Sheesh.


Maeve said...

Great interview! I've got to get this one read. *sigh* so many wonderful books - so little time.

Sarah said...

Sandra - My characters are loudest when I can't sleep, too.

Jennifer - Nope, you're not alone.

Caroline - Thank you.

Maeve - I know, right? My TBR list is getting bigger and bigger!


Emma Lai said...

Hi Maeve!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice interview :-) Best wishes with your book! It sounds fantastic :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Sandra!

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for visiting Sandra!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Sarah, you don't sound nuts at all--you sound like a writer. :) And a pretty darn good one, judging by all the great reviews you've received.

Sarah Grimm said...

Thanks, Stacey!

Emma Lai said...

Hi Stacey!