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Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Fun Facts - Nichelle Gregory

1. I prefer semi-dry to sweet wines and drinks.
2. Besides romance and erotica, I also like to read horror, sci-fiction, and medical thrillers.
3. I truly believe everything happens for a reason whether you understand or accept the circumstances.
4. I hate washing dishes.
5. I love Thai food!  (A woman after my own heart.)

Blurb: Lost in the heart of Africa, Filipe is shocked to discover a beautiful maiden locked away in a stone tower prison. Taken with her innocent beauty and desperate plight, he vows to help Rapunzel but is soon trapped by his own unrelenting desire to have her. His fiery desire gives way to guilty pleasures, but Filipe can't accept Rapunzel's innocent declaration of love. Heartbroken, Rapunzel follows Filipe's plan for escape but nothing goes as predicted. Can Rapunzel convince Filipe her love is true and their destinies are intertwined?

"You came back," Rapunzel said, as he stepped through the window.
Filipe saw her tear-streaked face and took her into his arms, a need to comfort and protect rising deep within in him. "I promised you, I would." He pulled away, his gaze dropping from her wide copper eyes to rest on her high cheek bones, and then lower to full, luscious lips quivering in a shaky smile. Without thinking, he leaned in capturing Rapunzel's mouth in a sweet searching kiss.
She smelled of wildflowers and rain, her lips soft as rose petals. He could feel her uncertainty as he gently caressed her mouth, hungrily tasting her tongue when she let him inside. When she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her small frame as close as she could, Filipe's body responded instantly, his cock hardening in seconds. With not but a breath between them, he was aware she could feel his erection and was not surprised when she pulled away.
"What is that?" Rapunzel asked with an innocent look, pointing to the bulge in his pants.
Filipe started to laugh and then stopped, realizing she was serious. He assumed she was a virgin, but he had never considered how much she would not know. He swallowed hard, trying to calm the savage beast in him, wanting to throw her to the ground and show her the answer to all her questions. "Surely, your godmother talked to you about what happens between a man and a woman?"
Rapunzel shook her head.
"No?" Filipe waited for her to say more, but she simply stared, her eyes moving from his face to his growing hardness. "When a man desires a woman, it is hard . . . um . . . how do I say . . . difficult, to hide the evidence." He struggled to find the words to explain.
"Does it hurt?" Rapunzel asked.
Filipe threw back his head and laughed, when she giggled.
"Not in the way you imagine." Filipe turned away from Rapunzel, removing the shoulder pack containing silk and other supplies. Taking in a deep breath, he willed his cock to behave. Rapunzel's naivety sparked wild lust in his loins, but he prided himself on being a gentleman.
"Can I touch it?"
Filipe stiffened, her soft words making his cock rock hard inside his pants. Hesitantly, he faced her and was again, struck with the depth of her innocence and the force of his desire to take her right then. He stalled, not wanting to hurt her by denying her request and yet, not quite sure he could endure her touch without losing hold of his gentlemanly restraint.
"Filipe?" Rapunzel asked, closing the gap between them.
"Let us look at the supplies I brought," Filipe said, exhaling a short breath.
But Rapunzel smiled. "Kiss me again. I love how your lips feel on mine." She wound her arms back around his neck, her body, once again, pressed to his. "Please, kiss me again."
           Filipe grabbed her fast with both hands at the base of her neck and kissed her hard, enjoying her moan of surprise and delight. She proved to be a quick learner, mating her tongue with his as she edged even closer. He groaned when he felt her hand cover his rock hard cock, gently cupping the rigid muscle through the soft material of his pants. Each tiny caress from Rapunzel's fingers sent shivers of desire roaring through him. With much effort, Filipe, broke the kiss.


Debra St. John said...

Hi Ladies!

Nice excerpt, Nichelle. And I agree with your number 3...there is a reason behind everything...even if it's one we're not expected to undertand...

Emma Lai said...

Hi, Debra! Thanks for stopping in.

Nichelle Gregory said...

Thanks, Debra! Number three is always a hard one to swallow when you're in the midst of whatever it is...but I still believe it's true. :0)


Thanks again for having me on today! Hooray, for Friday!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Best wishes on your sales!

Rie McGaha said...

Hey Nichelle,
Are you a Libra? Facts 1-4 sounds like I wrote them, but I've never eaten Thai food. I hear it's awesome, and I'd love to give it a try sometime. Just not many Thai restaurants out here in the boonies! I love that cover.

Rie McGaha

Nichelle Gregory said...

Thanks, Sandi!
Rie, I'm a Sagittarius. ;) I think this is my fave cover too. Thank you both for stopping by!