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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Doing the Happy Dance

I'm at Paty Jager's blog...http://patyjager.blogspot.com/ celebrating the release of His Hope, Her Salvation along with its first review from Romance Reader at Seriously Reviewed

Mrs. Lai, you truly surprise me! In such a short span you have managed to have me intrigued with your world(s) and with your characters, even the ones that deserved to live humiliation. I honestly say I could put myself in (almost) each character’s position and completely understand the reaction. I applaud you for not having your main characters jump into the sack with each other, and allowing the time to pass.

My only issue with your work here; is to say that it was too short for me! I want more!! ;-)

Brilliant Mrs. Lai!


Stop by and help me celebrate. One lucky commenter who posts before 10:00 a.m. Christmas Eve will receive a $10 TWRP gift certificate.


SarahAnn said...

Hop-hop, wave-wave, shake-a-shake, hop-hop.... joining in the Happy Dance :-) Congrats on a great review!

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Sarah Ann!

Mary Ricksen said...

WOW WEEE!!!Good going Emma! I am so happy for you!

Mary Ricksen said...

I have been happy dancing for you for quite a time now!
How's my baby boy. No new pics on any sites?
What did you get for Christmas?

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Mary! Picture will be forthcoming as soon as I figure out which way is up again. :)