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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Acme Author Bloggers - Week 2

This is the second part of the Acme Authors Link...http://acmeauthorslink.blogspot.com/ featuring Rob Walker, Margot Justes, Austin S. Camacho, and Tony Burton.

This is one eclectic group of authors. The group includes women and men who write in multiple genres that include romance, mystery, historical novels, children's books, and non-fiction.

I've invited each author to post a bio and tell me what makes them feel sexy.

Award-winning author and graduate of Northwestern University, Robert W. Walker created his highly acclaimed Instinct and Edge series between 1982 and 2005. Rob has since written his award-winning historical series featuring Inspector Alastair Ransom with City for Ransom (2006), Shadows in the White City (2007), and City of the Absent (2008). This history-mystery-romance hybrid straddles the Chicago World’s Fair circa 1893, and has had enthusiastic reviews from Chicago historians and the Chicago Tribune, which likened “the witticism to Mark Twain, the social consciousness to Dickens, and the ghoulish atmosphere to Poe!” Shadows in the White City and one of Rob’s Instinct titles have won him two Lovey Awards from the Love is Murder Readers/Writers Conference. Rob’s next novel is a July ’09 hardcover release from Five Star entitled DEAD ON which Rob dubs as a modern day Noir shoot ’em up.

The current work in progress is Children of Salem. Imagine love in the time of the “madness” behind the Salem Witch Hunts of 1692. “No one but Walker could pull this off,” Dory Stewart, professional editor. Rob calls it his most ambitious history-mystery-romance to date. Rob is also fashioning a sequel to Dead On entitled Dead End. See www.robertwalkerbooks.com , www.HarperCollins.com, http//www.acmeauthorslink.blogspot.com , www.robertwwalker.blogspot.com , and www.Myspace.com\robertwwalkerbooks.

What makes Robert feel sexy?
When I feel confident in myself--as when a new book is completed and comes through the door as an advanced readers copy or the actual book comes through the door, or for that matter when I hit my mark on a chapter, or a scene for that matter--this accomplishment in what I consdier my calling--writing- -makes me feel damn sexy! That's when my wife, Miranda, who has now written her own novel, The Well Meaning Killer, I think, in an effort to keep up with me! It's better than Viagra.

A confident man is definitely sexy!

Born in
Poland, Margot Justes has lived in some of the world's most wonderful places, including Israel, France, and South Africa. Currently living in the Midwest, she has taken her love for travel and art and cultivated it into unique settings and stories for her writing. Margot is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Chicago North RWA Chapter and Sisters in Crime. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Chapter of Sisters in Crime. 2007 brought the contract for her first novel, "A Hotel in Paris." She is currently working on her second book "A Hotel in Bath."

What makes Margot feel sexy? Shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

Margot is a woman after my own heart...

Austin S. Camacho is the author of five detective novels in the Hannibal Jones series - Blood and Bone, Collateral Damage, The Troubleshooter, Damaged Goods and Russian Roulette. Hannibal Jones is an African-American private eye in Washington DC. Active in several local writers’ organizations, Camacho is a past president of the Maryland Writers Association and teaches writing courses at Anne Arundel Community College. By day, Camacho is a public affairs specialist for the Department of Defense. Camacho has settled in Springfield, Virginia with his lovely wife Denise and Princess the Wonder Cat.

What makes Austin feel sexy? Being admired by a woman, and it doesn't matter whether she admires my looks, my body, my intelligence or my writing. (I always feel very sexy at book signings.)

What better way to feel sexy than to be the center of attention?!

Tony Burton is both an author and a publisher and until recently was the editor-in-chief of the now-defunct Crime and Suspense ezine. He is the author of two novels, Blinded By Darkness and A Wicked Good Play, as well as over 170 published stories, articles and columns in newspapers, magazines, ezines and anthologies, including The Writer's Journal magazine, Great Mystery and Suspense, Reflection's Edge, and others. He lives with his lovely wife Lara and their world championNorthwest Georgia, where they are presently spending every spare moment (and penny) building a new home.

What makes Tony feel sexy? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is walking beside my lovely wife, who could have made Max Shreck's Nosferatu feel sexy. But other than that, I'd say wearing jeans that fit well, a snug tee-shirt and a new pair of sneakers. (They fool my body into thinking I'm athletic.) napdog Buddy Boudreau in the hills of

What a lovely thing to say about your wife Tony!


lastnerve said...

Loved reading about each of the authors.

lol @ Robert and the Viagra joke!

Margo I am so with you on the shoes issue

Austin - so just how many book signings do you do a year? ;)

Awwww Tony, so sweet to say you feel most sexy when you walk next to your lovely wife!


Skhye said...

I second Valerie's comment. :)

writerlynne said...

What a nice look at a side of authors we don't usually get to see. I'm in agreement with Margo, the right shoes are essential. : ) Book signing huh? I usually just feel nervous. Guess I should relax and Tony, that's so sweet. I loved the Viagra joke too. Confidence and sexy do go hand in hand.

Thanks. : )

Sarah Simas said...

I loved learning about the author's behind the names! How fun!

I'm right there with you on the shoes! I'd only add the perfect pair of jeans. lol

Book signings- eek! When my day comes, I'll be petrified for sure. I'll need lots of chocolate for courage. *winkwink*

That's hott- Robert! Wish my hubby would pick up writing. Then he'd understand when I talk characters. lol

That is so sexy when a man loves his lady. Very heroic!

Thanks, Emma. I love learning about new authors.

Helen Hardt said...

What a fun and interesting interview! It was wonderful learning more about all of you. And Tony, I think you just made a friend of all the women out there ;).

Debra St. John said...

Hi Gang, Nice to "See" you here today. Emma, thanks again for hosting the Acme Authors.

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for stopping by Val, Skhye, Lynne, Sarah, Helen and Debra!

Tony Burton said...

Thanks for posting this, Emma. It looks like some of my text got transposed, though (Buddy Boudreau is drifting along there at the end of the article instead of up there in the middle where he belongs.) It's all good, though--probably people extrapolate where he belongs!

And about my wife--let me tell you, it's honesty there. I'm an extremely fortunate man!

Margot Justes said...

Thank you for posting this-it was fun to read. Yup, I sticking with shoes...
Margot Justes

Emma Lai said...

Oops...sorry Tony! Copy and paste are to blame!

I'm sticking with shoes as well Margot!