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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sky Purington on Highland Muse

Emma: Today, I am featuring an interview with author Sky Purington on her Song of the Muse story Highland Muse currently available from The Wild Rose Press.


Melpomene, muse of Tragedy, has loved before, but not like this. Not so thoroughly it blinds her, tears her from her path and her obligation to mankind. A warrior of Scotland, one she watched grow from a boy to a man, claims her heart with his self-sacrifice and courage. She’ll not let him perish, die defending another. Stepping in, defying fate and her father, Zeus, Melpomene risks all.

Rowan Stewart, of the royal house, is immersed within a whirlwind of disbelief, struggling to understand the woman responsible for his odd outcome, his misplaced life. But promises were made, destiny yet sealed, and Ares, God of War, seeks him. Caught within a vortex of Scottish politics, Greek Gods, and newfound desire, Rowan and Melpomene are doomed to separate, wallow in eternal despair. Will love surpass? Give them each other? Or will tragedy reign without its muse and rip them apart forever?

Welcome Sky!

Sky: Hi Emma, thanks so much for having me!

Emma: The blurb definitely sets the scene for tragedy. I know your husband inspired your first story, what inspired this one?

Sky: Honestly? I would have to say Melpomene herself. When we began this project last year we were given the choice which muse we’d like to write about. The Muse of Tragedy jumped right into my head. Of all the muses, she seemed to deserve a chance at love the most. In that I’d previously written about historical Scotland and understood well the tragedy the country had suffered somehow I knew this was where she would find the man meant for her.

Emma: I’m sure you know Melpomene was originally the Muse of Singing and then somehow morphed into the Muse of Tragedy. Do you have a theory on why?

Sky: Good question! I couldn’t begin to understand why but could speculate. Depending on when portraits/portrayals of her were created, maybe it stemmed from the mask she held and sometimes wore. Or perhaps the club or knife she held. My thoughts on the matter have the ancient arts and theatrical side of Greece 100% responsible. I can’t help but envision a singular memorable theatrical production happening in ancient Greece in which the actor portrays Melpomene singing an intensely tragic song while holding the club and mask. Next thing you know, performances across Greece mimic this concept of Melpomene. Hence, the Muse of Singing morphs into the Muse of Tragedy. Again, just a theory. I’m sure someone out there knows the truth!

Emma: Your bio fascinates me. You were the first second grader in the state of New Hampshire to win The Young Author’s Award. You attended the Highland Games in New Hampshire and found out your’s and your husband’s clans intermarried in the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. You’re self-educated. You used to write poetry, but believe you’re a better story teller. The list goes on.

Do you get to devote all of your energy and creativity to your writing? How much of your personal life do you use in your stories?

Sky: Well, currently my energy and creativity are divided between my three year old son, self-promotion and writing. I typically run more creative in the evening so write once my son has gone to sleep. Works out well for both of us! I actually use quite a bit of my personal life in my stories. The old colonial that’s a fixture throughout my Scottish Trilogy was in fact owned by my family. Destiny’s Denial: The Mac’Lomain Trilogy 2, is chock full of tid bits I pulled from my life to build Caitlain’s character.

Emma: Sky has other works to include A Christmas Miracle (a free read), The King’s Druidess, Fate’s Monolith: The Mac’Lomain Trilogy 1, and Destiny’s Denial: The Mac’Lomain Trilogy 2 available through The Wild Rose Press. Did I miss anything, Sky?

Sky: No, you got them all!

Emma: Well, I don’t want to keep you too much longer, but I have to ask what we get to look forward to next. When can we expect Book 3 of The Mac’Lomain Trilogy?

Sky: Sylvan Mist: The Mac’Lomain Trilogy 3 is currently in edits and should be released this year! Also, I have another story, titled Darkest Memory, contracted. This tells the tale of an eight hundred year old lovelorn vampire. You can learn more about both upcoming releases at my website.

Emma: Thanks so much for dropping by. Good luck on your future works!

Sky: Thanks again for having me, this has been a blast!


Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Emma
I just popped in to say thank you for dropping in at TRS yesterday and leaving such a nice comment - seems everyone likes researching, even if they don't use everything they find. It always comes in useful for another story or angle. I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.

Hello Sky, fancy seeing you here. Great interview, ladies, I learnt some more about my dear muse sister!

I've read all Sky's books and had the privilege of working with her and the other seven wonderful authors on the WRP 'Muse' series. The MacLomain Trilogy is an amazing series and Sky is a fantastic writer!

Thanks for a another great interview, Emma

Emma Lai said...

Thanks Lyn! You're a great lady and your stories are awesome.

Kathy Otten said...

Hi Sky,

Nice interview and yes, a fasincinating bio. Winning an award in second grade for outstanding writing is great. I grew up next door to you in Vermont, but all I ever won was an award for reading the most books in fifth grade. Good luck to you on your new releases.

Skhye said...

Great interview! Sky is even more interesting. ;) She and I are on the same life path via 3 yr olds! We commisserate together. Thank goodness! I don't know what I'd do without someone who walked in my footsteps... And everyone check out her free read! It's surprising. :)

Mary Ricksen said...

I couldn't stop myself you guys are both so great. Great interview you two!

Debra St. John said...

Hi Sky, Great interview. You have an amazing background!

pams00 said...

Hi Sky,

What a nice interview. I loved your bio. This sounds like such a great.

Helen Pilz said...

Highland Muse sounds like a great read!

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for visiting Kathy, Skhye, Mary, Debra, Pam, and Helen!

Kathy, I loved the reading contests in grade school. I only managed to win one year...the others I was second or third.

Skhye, people should definitely check out Sky's free read.

Get back to work, Mary! :)

P.L. Parker said...

As always, a great interview, Skhye.

P. L. Parker

Carol L. said...

Hi Sky.
I'm a day late but have to tell you I love nothing more then Scottish Highlanders, romance and the Greek Gods. Great interiew and I will definitely be reading your books.
Glad I dropped by. :)
Carol L.

Emma Lai said...

A day late is still great, Carol!

Helen Hardt said...

Hi ladies, sorry to be late to the party. I actually won the print anthology containing Sky's story last year during the Faery/Black Halloween bash at TWRP. Remember, Sky? It's a great read!


Rachel E. Moniz said...

Hi Emma and Sky!

It is so great to read about what other authors are doing and add more and more to my TBR list! Gosh, my reading list is huge!
Highland Muse sounds great and I can;t wait to get to it!


Sky said...

Due to a wedding shower and mother's day I've been offline since Emma hosted my interview. THANK YOU to everyone who popped in to wish me well, I'm thrilled, you all made me smile!

Emma, you're the best, thank you again for inviting me to your super blog!


Emma Lai said...

Thanks for visiting Helen and Rachel!

It was great hosting you Sky!